The Cross Connection Control Committee is responsible for any CCC issues and Accreditations. The Committee also assists in coordinating CCC courses.
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Course Objectives

  • Analyze theoretical components by identifying the appropriate method of preventing backflow for isolation and containment.
  • Understand the purpose and the intent of CCC programs.
  • Identify the legal and health aspects of serving as a CCC surveyor.
  • Review new construction plans to eliminate cross connections.
  • Review existing building as-built construction plans to eliminate cross connections.
  • Conduct practical field surveys to identify cross connections and make recommendations for corrective measures.





The Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Cross Connection Control Committee mission is to promote the local standardization of cross connection control regulations and programs, create awareness of cross connection control and facilitate certification of cross connection control professionals, to increase the safety of drinking water in Atlantic Canada.




The membership ensures that all points of view pertinent to Cross Connection Control are addressed in reasonable proportion. The majority of membership made up from the four [4] Atlantic Provinces; however, members from other provinces or regions should be made welcome, in limited numbers [one member per province or region].

A maximum of 23 voting members comprising of persons, companies, corporations, partnerships, and associations, who maintain an interest in the production and distribution of clean safe drinking water and may include representatives of:


  • Municipal water works field.
  • Municipal and /or provincial health field.
  • Technical schools conducting cross connection control programs.
  • The building inspection and plumbing field.
  • Manufacturers/agents of backflow preventers.


      Members will be limited in numbers to the following 5 categories:


  • Manufacturer/Agent      1 to 4 members
  • Purveyors                    4 to 7 members
  • Regulators                   1 to 4 members
  • Educators                    1 to 4 members
  • General                       1 to 4 members



Chair: Stephen Woods  
Past Chair: Geno Pace  
Vice Chair: Rod Dunnett  
Certification Officer: Shawn MacDonald
Educator (1-4)  Voting Employer
Geno Pace NSCC
General (1-4)  Voting Employer
Albert Jones Atlantic Backflow Specialists
Manufacturer (1-4)  Voting Employer
John Levandier J Levandier Sales (Conbraco)
Darren Ross Ancamna Sales (Zurn/Wilkins)
Jim Bell Hydromechaincal Sales (Watts)
Purveyor (4-7) Voting Employer
Shawn MacDonald Halifax Water
John Cormier City of Fredericton
Pierre LeBlanc City of Saint John
Larry Hood Town Of Bridgewater
Rod Dunnett City of Moncton
Regulator (1-4)  Voting Employer
Bill Fallow Province of New Brunswick
Rick Armstrong City of Saint John
Stephen Woods City of Moncton

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