Atlantic Canadian Cyanobacterial Workshop

The last few summers have seen an unprecedented rise in the occurrence and impact of cyanobacterial blooms in the lakes and rivers of Atlantic Canada. These have already affected recreational waters, harmed pets and will cause ongoing issues as they reoccur in the region over the coming years. The main goal of the Atlantic Canadian Cyanobacterial Workshop (ACCW) was to bring together the diverse group of stakeholders involved in monitoring, managing or studying cyanobacteria and their toxins in Atlantic Canada so as to build awareness of emerging needs and existing expertise in the region. By increasing awareness of common challenges and existing capabilities a foundation can be developed for ongoing discussion and collaboration that will be needed to effectively manage the issue going forward.


The Final Report for the Atlantic Canadian Cyanobacterial Workshop (held in 2018) has been released, you can find the 19 page report HERE.