ABC - Association of Boards of Certification

ABEA - Atlantic Branch Equipment Association

ACE - Annual Conference & Exhibition (AWWA Annual Conference in June)

ACSAWWA - Atlantic Canada Section of the American Water Works Association

ACWWA - Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association

AGM - Annual General Meeting

AWWA - American Water Works Association

BCWWA - British Columbia Water & Wastewater Association

BOD - WEF Board of Directors

CAC - Canadian Affairs Committee (AWWA Associated)

CAC - Canadian Affairs Council (WEF Associated)

CCC - Cross Connection Control

CCME - Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

CEU - Continuing Education Unit

CSJWP - Canadian Stockholm Junior Water Prize

CWF - Canadian Water Forum (Canadian Meet & Greet at ACE)

CWWA - Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

DSS - Distribution System Symposium

EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency

HOD - WEF House of Delegates

MA - WEF Member Association

MOU - Memorandum Of Understanding

MPWWA - Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association

NPRI - National Pollutant Release Inventory (Environment Canada)

OWWA - Ontario Water Works Association

RMSO - Regional Meeting of Section Officers

SJWP - Stockholm Junior Water Prize

SS - Small Systems

TOR - Terms of Reference

WCWEA - Western Canada Water Environment Association

WCWWA - Western Canada Water Works Association

WEAO - Water Environment Association of Ontario

WEF - Water Environment Federation

WEFMAX - WEF Member Association Exchange

WEFTEC - WEF Technical Exhibition & Conference (WEF Annual Conference in October)

WERF - Water Environment Research Foundation

WFP - Water For People

WFPC - Water For People Canada

WHO - World Health Organization

WITAF - Water Industry Technical Action Fund

              (AWWA’s Water Utility Council administered)

WTP - Water Treatment Plant

WUC - Water Utility Council

WWC - World Water Corps

WWOTC - World Water Operator Training Center

WWTP (F) - Wastewater Treatment Plant (Facility)

YP - Young Professionals