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The ACWWA Board consists of:


Executive Director

Clara Shea




Amy Winchester

CBCL Limited


Past Chair

Mike Chaulk

CBCL Limited


First Vice Chair

Jennie Rand

Acadia University


Second Vice Chair 

Brent McGovern

Saint John Water



Rob Gillis

Halifax Water


WEF Delegate

Dave Galbraith

Sansom Equipment Ltd.


AWWA Director

Graham Gagnon

Dalhousie University


ABEA Representative Director

Catherine Cameron

Scotia Tech


Government Relations Director

Mark Butler

Dillon Consulting


CWWA & CAC Representative

Mark Butler

Dillon Consulting


Member Involvement Director

Chris Fahie

Halifax Water


Education Director

Kyle MacIntyre

Dillon Consulting


Membership Director

Julie Stokes

City of Moncton


Communication Director

Lindsay Wilcott

CBCL Limitied


Technical Director

Wendy Krkosek

Halifax Water


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