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1   Link   2013 Survey of Drinking Water Plants
In the winter of 2013 Statistics Canada will be conducting the Survey of Drinking Water Plants.
2   Link   Stormwater Management
weftec's publication on confronting stormwater challenges.
3   Link   Water and Hydraulic Fracturing
A White Paper From the American Water Works Association.
4   Link   Danger Ahead
The coming collapse of Canada's municipal infrastructure.
5   Link   Facing Canada's Water Woes
Perhaps the biggest, most immediate problem with Canada's water infrastructure is buried, literally, under our cities and towns. The thousands of kilometres of underground pipes that move water from treatment plants to our taps is leaking -- spewing 13% to 30% of clean, drinkable water into the ground.
6   Link   Infrastructure Deficit
Canada's three levels of government must spend $123 billion to fix the country's creaking infrastructure, says a report from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. $31 billion on Water and Wastewater Systems alone.
7   Link   Combined Sewer Overflow Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes the use of pollution prevention best management practices (BMPs).
8   Link   Natural Gas Extraction - Hydraulic Fracturing
Wastewater and stormwater issues related to Hydraulic Fracturing.
9   Link   The Condition of Condition Assessment
Best practice for a buried infrastructure condition assessment program is to develop an individualized program that can be completed in four steps.
10   Link   ReNew Canada - Rounding Error
During his keynote address at the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) conference this May, Matrix Group’s Andrew C. Lemer said 98 per cent of the U.S. municipalities took the “easy way out” when complying with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s (GASB’s)Statement 34.
11   Link   2011 Survey of Drinking Water Plants
In the winter of 2012 Statistics Canada will be conducting the Survey of Drinking Water Plants.
12   Link   Hydrofracking
Is it worth the risk?


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