Online Courses

ACWWA has collaborated with the BCWWA to extend their training offerings to our members in Atlantic Canada.

The online content covers the same material as the in-class course, and earns the same number of continuing education units (CEUs).


Can I complete the course at my own pace?

Yes, for the majority of the time you set the pace. You decide when you want to view the presentations and complete the course work. However, every course has an end date and you are expected to have competed all reading and assignments by the time the course closes. If you do not complete the course work on-time, you will not be eligible to receive CEU credits.

What if I prefer to read the manual and study offline, on my own?

The online courses are structured to provide you with learning modules that build your knowledge and competencies. The presentations, student forums, exercises, case studies, and quizzes are important components of the learning experience, and you are encouraged to take advantage of these tools.

Do I need to complete all the course work to pass?

Yes. Successful completion is defined as completing all of the course work by the time the course closes. If you do not complete all of the work, you will not pass.

How does the BCWWA/ACWWA monitor and report to the Department of Environment on CEUs?

Our online courses are hosted on a learning management system that keeps track of when you log in, which pages you look at and how much time you spend on every activity. It also keeps a log of which quizzes you work through and the portion of the quiz that you complete. Following the course end date, the BCWWA notifies the ACWWA regarding the students who have completed the course in its entirety.  ACWWA will issue the CEU certificates.


Online courses will be listed on the ACWWA course schedule.