Surveyor Certification

Certified CCC surveyors are provided with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to conduct building surveys to identify cross connections and make recommendations for corrective measures. This certification provides the surveyor with the credentials required to inspect buildings within various jurisdictions, with recognized Cross Connection Control (CCC) programs, in Atlantic Canada.  



Students from a diverse field of activity are encouraged to take the CCC Surveyors course, i.e. CCC program managers, water system managers, plumbing inspectors, engineers, health and environment personnel, backflow device testers and individuals involved in the protection of safe drinking water, etc.



1. Must be a certified AWWA Cross Connection Control Tester.

2. Must be a Journeyman Plumber or equal with a minimum of 5 years related experience in the plumbing field.



To qualify as a certified CCC surveyor, the student shall  

1. Have completed a certification course provided by ACWWA accredited training institution,

2. Have successfully passed the practical exam, achieved a mark of 80% or higher on the written exam, and submitted an application for certification.


A performance of 80% minimum on the written examination and successful completion of a supervised building survey constitutes a passing mark and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued by ACWWA. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those completing the course but not meeting the above requirements.


Exam Fail Criteria:    

If your exam score is below 80% on the certification exam you can rewrite the exam after thirty (30) days from your last attempt.