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The Atlantic Canada Water & Wastewater Association (ACWWA) is a 'Section' of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). AWWA is an international non-profit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water. AWWA is the largest association of water professionals in the world with over 60,000 members, representing every part of the water profession.


Start enhancing your career and your organization with the resources and information that membership provides and join the AWWA team today!


AWWA membership options are available for:

- Individuals
- Utilities
- Service Providers


Individual Membership

Benefits of Membership:

- Get Connected
- Stay Informed
- Be Part of the Community
- Advance Your Career


 Types of Individual Membership:

- Individual Active Member
- Operatations/Administrative Member
- Student Member


For more information on Individual Memberships, please visit AWWAs membership page by clicking HERE.



Utility Membership

Benefits of Membership:

- Protect Public Health
- Improve Performance
- Engage Your Staff
- Affect Change


Types of Utility Membership:

- Small Water System (less than 5000 connections)
- Water Supplier (more than 5000 connections)
- Wastewater System
- Water Wholesaler
- Contract Operations Firm


For more information on Utility Memberships, please visit AWWAs membership page by clicking HERE.



Service Provider Membership

Benefits of Membership:

- Reach New Customers
- Grow Your Business
- Build Company Awareness
- Hone Your Edge in the Industry


Types of Service Provider Membership:

- Manufacturing, sales or distribution of water industry products or services
- Construction of water supply and/or treatment facilities
- Providing consulting/professional services to the water industry
- Engaged in the contract operation of a water facility


For more information on Service Provider Memberships, please visit AWWAs membership page by clicking HERE.