ACWWA Scholarships Application


All scholarships are for one year (non-renewable).


An applicant shall:

  • Be registered as a student in a water/wastewater operations program in an Atlantic Canadian community college, institute of technology or other institution.

  • Intend to pursue a career related to the water or wastewater industry.

Assessment Criteria

  • Academic record in last year of study (20%)

  • Statement/essay (60%)

  • Work experience and extracurricular activities (20%)

Preference will be given to a candidate with a demonstrated interest in working in the water or wastewater treatment, collection or distribution sectors.

All applications must be accompanied by uploaded files containing the following.

  • A short biography

  • A recent personal photo suitable for publicity use on the ACWWA Website.

  • A 500-word statement or essay of the applicant's interest, knowledge, and future water/wastewater industry goals. The information should list applicable work experience or extracurricular activities.

  • A description/list of planned future studies.

  • A transcript showing courses completed in the last year of study.

Click this link for more information on eligibility and the application process.


1. A single application will be considered for all three scholarships.

2. Complete the contact information below.

3. Upload all files (listed above) as individual or one complete document.  

4. Verify the checklist.

5. Click on Submit at the bottom of the form.