ACWWA Guidelines - Updating for Climate Change

The ACWWA project Incorporating Climate Resilience for Municipal Infrastructure into the Updates of Existing Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Design Guidelines was impacted by COVID – 19 and as a result the 2022 Guides listed below were delayed. The Stakeholder Notification dated May 20, 2020 (downloaded HERE) outlines the delay.

The Knowledge Mobilization Plan created to facilitate the collection and dissemination of current information on climate change and guidelines development now includes the following documents:

  1. ACWWA Water Supply Guidelines 2022;

  2. ACWWA Wastewater Guidelines 2022;

  3. Previous Guidelines Final and Draft;

  4. Eight (8) Water/Wastewater Guidelines from other jurisdictions.


Downloads of the documents have been encouraging, and the files can be accessed by clicking HERE.